Where to date:Some Adroit Dating Places for You & Your Partner

Modish betterments have changed the world, its people, and way of looking things as well as our dating styles. Now the date is not as it used to be some decades ago. Wondering how to make your dates special? Thinking new dating ideas is sometimes really a very obscure. Now you don’t have to worry about new ideas & tips as here we are giving you some dating advice that can help you to select a perfect place for your next date with your partner.

Usually the ideas coming in your minds are not upto the mark & could even ruin your whole evening. If you think about something like Niagara Falls for dinner, ballooning over Paris at dawn or swimming naked together by moonlight in your local pool could be good at that moment but later with your new date you can’t think of anything new. You become frustrate & try to leave everything on your partner.

In this new eon of dating, their ideas are also different. The dating ideas usually depend upon the type of date, whether it is first, second or so on. Despite being granted your date, you should try to make it special for you & your partner. How to make your evening memorable is a million dollar question. To give the answer of all such question we are discussing here such activities that are approved by your parents as well as by society.

During early stages of your relationship the dating ideas are not simple to brainstorm. You wish something that is easy to manage, somewhat cheap. If it is your first date then the most important part is to know each other & about each other. A second dating ideas crops up if first one is a success. In second date you usually want to make it more social, enjoyable & open-ended whereas the first date has some time restrictions. We recommend you to go for a lunch on your first date as they are for some fixed time. While for second date the Saturday afternoons are perfect as you & your partner can spend more time with each other if everything is going smooth.

You should also try to make your own list of places in your city where you can take your partner for a date. These places should be nice, cool & enjoyable. So keeping all this in mind we have given some cool dating advice for you.

So just brush up your skills with these date ideas:

1.       First date

  • Lunch or spent some time at a coffee shop.
  • Some cool restaurant for lunch.
  • Early evening restaurant.

2.       Second date

  • Meet on weekend at some park then have lunch.
  • Zoo & lunch.
  • Bowling or ice skating.
  • Movie & a dinner.
  • Museums, art galleries & lunch or dinner.

3.       Third date

  • Adventure Park.
  • Water Park.
  • Beach & lunch.
  • Movie & dinner.

Always take excitement, enjoyment & exit into consideration while choosing a perfect place for your date. Keep some good restaurants & few spots in your mind always where you both can spend some quality time with each other.

Tips:Dos & don’ts for your first date with someone special

Dating either over the internet or in real life is always not easy to deliberate. Dating and especially a first date are usually confusing. Do you want everything to be the best? What to do on your first date is always a big dilemma for most of the people. But now you don’t have to worry, here we are giving you some first date tips & dating advice that will help you to start the things.


  • Keep it simple- if you are not much familiar & comfortable with your partner yet then a good first date advice is to make it a simple yet graceful. Usually on a first date people are nervous & are conscious.
  • Travel separately- try to travel separately on your first date as if you feel that your date is not working out then you may call it off. In this way your date will also not come to know that where you live.
  • Girls….dress moderately- a good dating advice is that choose your dress carefully if you are going for a night date. As the girl’s dress mainly affects the men’s intentions. Avoid wearing sexy low-cut dresses, short-shorts and tank tops if you are not much comfortable with your first date. Moreover the dress is not as important on this day as this is the day to know someone.
  • Man….appearance is cardinal- the first date advice says that men’s appearance is regnant to impress the women. You should prefer to have a clean shave & mouthwash. Don’t try to look hard & maintain good hygiene.
  • Conversation is prime- a through conversation is a sound dating advice. Avoid talking about religion, politics & old flames else talk about hobbies, interests, kids, etc. attentively listen to your partner, make eye contact.
  • Let them also talk- never try to make others interested in you instead show interests in their talks.
  • Paying for the date- it is one of the important first dating tips that always before going for a date make sure who will going to pay there. If your partner is going to pay then order something in the middle range of menu.
  • Common sense dating advice– before fixing plan something with mutual coordination. If possible turn off your mobile phone as it is a good etiquette.
  • Ending the date- your first date ending should be free from any kind of strings & obligations. Men have more part to play while calling off the date. If you have a good chemistry then a goodnight kiss is a decent dating advice. Don’t create any confusion or don’t complicate the situation. You must keep some excuse in mind in case your date doesn’t go well. Because if your date is also feeling the same then he or she will feel relaxed by your action.


Don’t panic or fear. Just relax and try to enjoy & have fun with your date. Try to spend more time with your partner on your first date so that you both can understand each other to take your relationship to new heights. Hope you liked our first dating tips. We have given you some basic dating ideas. There is lots of more dating advice out there.

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Pros and Cons About Online Dating


Online dating has its advantages and disadvantages as most things in life. As someone that has been an online dater for more than 5 years (on and off…lol), I can honestly say that there are things that I absolutely love and hate about online dating. Dating in general can be overwhelming especially when you start loosing hope. Dating is great when you just get out of a long term relationship, but when you can honestly say you haven’t loved anyone for more than 5 year its difficult to date as it does seem to turn into a job because nobody seems to connect with you because lack of chemistry.

Most people that have done the on and off online dating will agree with my pros and cons…

  • Pros
    • Over 41 million single people that have tried online dating, which shows that people are open to trying a different way of meeting someone.
      • Lets you meet someone out of the circle of friends that you hangout with and provides you with a different avenue to doing so.
    • You can narrow you’re search to the type of person you know you are attractive- in order not to waste your time with someone you know you aren’t attractive too.
      • You can be as specific as for an age range, body type, height, place they reside…
    • If you are relocating, this is a great way of meeting people.
      •  and it necessarily don’t have to be for purposes of dating, it can just be to make friends and network.
    • Its easier to approach someone online
      • Rejection isn’t really taken to heart as if you were initiating contact elsewhere
      • Easier to hide and communicate behind a computer
    • Its fun and exciting
    • Have fun with it and don’t take it so serious.
      • Even if you are looking for love don’t be so obsessive by looking for a husband or wife… look for something that can develop into something.
  • Cons
    • Sending and receiving emails can be overwhelming
      • Might even seem as a 2nd job. I was one that when I first started online dating I would message everyone back even if i had no interest in them. I soon realized that i didn’t have the time for that and also that this was a softer let down to someone…lol
    • You will be deceived by online daters profiles
      • Often time men/women will lie about their age, height, marital status, profession…
      • will NOT have recent pictures up
    • You don’t have any knowledge on the person you are connecting with
      • Often times its nice to know a bit about a person before you meet up with them; no background search :/
      • Exchange a few emails, talk on the phone and meet in a public place when you decide to take him/her on a date
    • Your profile is public to all users on the site
      • Information you have listed and some that you might think is somewhat private will be available (geographic area, if you have children, your profession…)
      • The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse warns, your profile information could potentially be used against you (medical, divorce, employment or custody lawsuit)

Furthermore, its important to remember that if you don’t give it a try you won’t know what you may or may not be missing out on. Don’t get caught up on the cons that may be listed on here, as they will limit what can potentially come out of you joining a dating website and having success.

Why You Should Date a Cyclist

Are you still seeking for love in bars and cafes?Why don’t you consider hanging out with a cyclist?Just like riding a bike,you need to start slowly and then take off all at once when falling in love. Below are some of the reasons why you should date a cyclist.

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1.Bicycle short is very hot.

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3.They are brilliant.A recent Mindb survey indicates that cyclists are 13 percentage smarter than the average people who doesn’t ride.

4.They all know how to cook.You know,they have to get enough nutrition in order to get great training results.Besides,they need to cook themselves in the wild when there is no place to buy some food.

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Golfmates is dedicated in providing a platform for single golfers to meet and date other golf singles.You can find new golf partners,golf buddies ,or a romantic relationship on Golfmates.com .Golfmates has a reputation among golfers because some very famous magazines Golfdiget,Golf, and Golfworld have reported it.

It’s very simple to create an account on Golfmates.According to them,it takes no more than 2 minutes to create your profile.All you need to do is to select your gender,state who you are looking for,location ,and the age range.The membership is totally free.You can also enjoy free searching and free matching on the website.



Fubar.com Reviews-Is It A Scam?

fubarFubar.com was launched in 2014 by Social Concepts,Inc.It is said that Fubar.com was the internet’s best kept secret.You can meet real people on Fubar.All of them are fun,sexy and intoxicated.

It’s pretty simple to create an account on Fubar.You will see a 4 fields form containing Email,Password,Date of Birth and Gender after you click the sign up button.All you need to do is fill/choose them.Then you can browse local singles,chat, and flirt with them with no hassle.

Fubar does offer mobile apps for people who prefer making friends on their mobile phones,both iOS and Android devices.